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FIDEX FS: Three Modality System
FIDEX FS: Three Modality System
FIDEX FS: Three Modality System
FIDEX FS: Three Modality System


Fidex is a unique three-modality diagnostic imaging system designed specifically for companion animal veterinary practice and research laboratories. Fidex combines into a single machine: computed tomography (CT), digital radiography (DR), and fluoroscopy. Fidex can also be configured as a one-, or two-modality system. Fidex’s combination of these modalities into one machine conserves valuable space and financial resources, as well as energy and other operational expenses, thus making the clinical and economic advantages of in-house CT capability vastly more achievable.


Fidex ‘Basic’ system includes:

  • Cone-beam CT
  • Small-field (13 cm x 13 cm) DR
  • Scout view/drag-and-drop positioning software
  • Computer-controlled patient table
  • Scan-control computer/diagnostic computer
  • Reconstruction and visualization software
  • Volume rendering software
  • DICOM software

Fidex +LDR system includes:

  • All features included with Basic system
  • 11” x 17” Varian 4336 DR panel
  • Automatic DR panel placement
  • Foot pedal exposure trigger
  • Fidex +Fluoro system includes:
  • All features included with Basic system
  • Automated or manual angulation control
  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) software
  • Foot pedal exposure trigger

Fidex Three Modality

  • CT, DR, and fluoroscopy in one machine
  • All features included with Basic system, plus all features of +LDR and +Fluoro systems



Technical specifications of CT:


  • Type: Cone beam CT
  • Field of view: 8, 15, or 23 cm diameter
  • Scan length: 80 mm per revolution
  • Maximum scan length: 60 cm
  • Detector: 13 cm flat panel; Pitch 0.127 mm (Vendor: Varian Medical Systems)
  • Scan time: 5 to 25 sec. per revolution
  • X-ray power: 120 kV, 60 mA
  • Spatial resolution: Better than 0.2 mm (better than standard human CT systems)
  • Grey scale resolution: Supports soft tissue differentiation
  • Image size (standard): 512 x 512 x Z (Z up to 1200)
  • Image size (high quality): 1024 x 1024 x Z (Z up to 2400)
  • Reconstruction software: COBRA (
  • Reconstruction time: 18 sec (for 512 matrix)
  • Visualization: 2D (MPR, MIP, oblique, slab view), 3D (volume rendering in semitransparent colors)

Technical specifications of DR:

  • Field of view: 14" x 17" plate / 36 cm x 43 cm panel
  • Spatial resolution: 3072 x 2560 pixels (Vendor: Varian)
  • Throughput: 10 sec. cycle time (0.14 mm pixel size)
  • Exposure angles: Any/Variable
  • Beam collimation: Preset or manual
  • User control: From console or through the gantry control panel
  • Processing presets: Standard (factory defaults) and user defined
  • Other features: Integrated User Interface for processing, storage and retrieval, geometric registration with CT and Fluoroscopy scenes

Technical specifications of fluoroscopy:

  • Frame rate: Variable, 5 – 60 fps – up to 30 fps in real time
  • Display: Real-time on gantry-monitor, playback at workstation
  • Angulation: Any - variable through 360° (cardiac studies, esophagrams)
  • Other features:  Foot switch for low dose and cine mode, Accumulated dose display, Digital background subtraction, Rotational Fluoroscopy




So far there are nearly 10 Fidex installations in EU, three were done by us in the Czech Republic. Refferal clinic is Veterinární klinika Bílá Hora of Dr. Jan Hnízdo.


How it works:

You can read about our installation at the Animage's website: Fidex now has 3 installations in the Czech Republic

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